Monday, February 20, 2012

A bit of Everything

A little bit ago we decided to buckle down our finances and think of ways to save money. One of the things we decided to do was cancel cable, and the other our gym memberships. Gasp! Cable: because we have Netflix and usually only watch that anyway, except for Mitch's sports center. And they have ESPN on Netflix that will help him survive the great transition to zero sports channels. Gym: uhm because my husband works at a gym and we have free memberships there, so remind me again why we have been paying for Gold's this entire marriage?
Maybe because that was the place I was sure to see and be able to stalk Mitch in the earlier days of our getting to know you stage and it holds a special place in my heart? Not really but Gold's has treated us well.

Well, we finally did it. The cable part anyway. And since Comcast would not let us cancel cable without upping the internet for a ridiculous price, we nixed both. NO INTERNET AND NO CABLE. Which then poses the problem of Netflix, how can you watch Netflix without internet? Needless to say we had already figured it out, but the point is for a few days we didn't have anything! After the first day, Mitch says:
"So you know how I usually watch sports when I wake up and right when I get back from the gym?"
"Well today I sat down and realized I couldn't. So I thought 'I guess I'll do the dishes.'"
And he did.
"And then I sat down again and realized again we didn't have TV so I thought 'I guess I'll do some laundry.'"
And he did.
"And I told my co-workers this and they told me you'd never let us get TV ever again."

It is true we both were a lot more productive, obviously we got internet back as I am back to blogging, but no cable has treated us well for a few days. It gave us time to tackle the nursery. Still waiting for some things to be delivered, but the dresser is done and it is to die for. Here's the awesome before and after of the ugly DI dresser to the beautiful baby dresser.

I mean seriously? Look at those handles. They remind me of Canada. Not Canada as in the whole place, but the flag has a leaf on it or reminds me of that. So ugly.

And then we got this little gem. She is my baby. (until my real baby arrives) As you can tell there are still 2 knobs missing. It's a long story, but they are coming in the mail shortly

Next, the crib. The perfect perfect crib. It took me a while to post pictures because I was struggling with the sheets. First there was pink, and it didn't match all the other pinks and I just can't handle that. Then there was green. And it was okay at first, until one day it was very not okay and I had to take it off. So then I had to order some that I wasn't even sure the color of, and they are perfect. PERFECT! My mom made the quilt, and you can be jealous because you can't buy this perfect crib setup anywhere! Totally one of a kind. And my previous post shows mommy (that's me) made the bird pillows. Feast your eyes on these:

A couple more "did it myself" projects I'd like to toot my horn about:
  • I made my own nursing cover
  • I made Tessa's closet dividers

Finally, I'd like to give a shout out to my sweet husband for taking down his posters and Australian flag and moving his big desk so Tessa can have her very own room. Every step was a struggle, I could tell, but he pushed through and I let him decorate the laundry room however he wanted. Every time I walk in there I can't help but smile, it is so funny to see all of his things crammed in there. Here's some pics for your viewing pleasure.

 That picture board is mine, by the way, it was in a different part of the house and I didn't like it there anymore. Technically, I tainted Mitch's very own part of the house, but he was kind enough to share his space with pictures of friends and earlier marriage days.

So, I'm 32 1/2 weeks. And every day I tell Tessa to start gearing up for the big day, because I would LOVE to meet her around 37 weeks and not 42. We'll see how well she listens.


  1. Everything is so cute! And the closet dividers are a fantastic idea - I might have to steal it! We're excited for little Tessa to make her debut too, even though we'll only get to see her through pictures :(

  2. Very cute Mallory! All of your projects turned out adorable!